GEMJI tabletop multipurpose system offers 30 games in one

GEMJI tabletop multipurpose system offers 30 games in one
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GEMJI Tabletop Multipurpose System

The GEMJI tabletop multipurpose system delivers some serious fun. In fact, this multigame system includes more than 30 games with just the one set. Additionally, it incorporates seven building models. A hybrid setup, it’s both a tabletop game and 3D constructor all in one. However, it’s compact so you can take it anywhere—the pieces measure only three millimeters thick. Made of recycled material, the GEMJI game is easily washable. Because each piece is magnetic and has a bit of heft, they’re wind resistant, too, so you can take the game outside with ease. Specially designed for people with visual impairments, this tabletop multipurpose system offers a tactile feeling that’s great for all ages. Build up and out, play with those older and younger, take the game indoors or outside, and create your own game or play one that comes with it. With GEMJI, there’s no limit.

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