GelAuto smart hospital-grade wearable hand gel system makes sanitizer more effective

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GelAuto Smart Hospital-Grade Wearable Hand Gel System

The GelAuto smart hospital-grade wearable hand gel system ensures you don’t have to worry about germs. With a robust carrying clip that easily fits on your belt loop, this low-profile wearable hand sanitizer is always by your side. And GelAuto connects to a mobile app where you can customize your preferences. You can set how often you want to use the gel and how much gel you want to dispense each time. Then, thanks to smart geofencing and time-based haptic feedback, this hospital-grade wearable hand gel system reminds you to gel. With hassle-free one-touch electronic dispensing, it provides a precise amount of gel on the go. What’s more, you can even connect with your friends to ensure that everyone is staying safe and sanitary. The fully recyclable cartridges hold Germ-X hand sanitizer and minimize environmental impact. Finally, the built-in rechargeable battery lasts weeks between charges.

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