Galaxy Fold 2 could be spec juggernaut and still be cheaper – report

Galaxy Fold 2 could be spec juggernaut and still be cheaper – report
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Samsung Galaxy Fold
Samsung Galaxy Fold

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 could end up offering a huge bonanza of features and still cost less than the original, according to one source in the display industry.

Ross Young of Display Supply Chain consultants, believes the next-gen Fold 2 will have an improved triple camera array with optical image stabilisation. In a series of tweets (via SamMobile), Young predicted 64MP/16MP/12MP rear cameras, which would be an upgrade over the 16MP/12MP/12MP array on the original.

Those upgrades are on top of previous predictions of S-Pen compatibility, a 120Hz inner display, 5G connectivity, as well as larger/better screens for both the outside and inside of the hardware.

Despite all of this, Young – who isn’t known to us as a prominent leaker with a track record – believes Samsung will offer the Galaxy Fold 2 for an average of $100 less than the cost of last year’s Galaxy Fold devices. The reason for that is Samsung’s desire to boost the volume of devices being built.

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Young reckons the devices will launch in August this year alongside the Galaxy Note range, which itself could promise some greater improvements than in previous years. Again, we’re unfamiliar with this particular source, so we’re treating this information with caution.

The second-gen Galaxy Fold 2 handset will need to impress, after a rocky outing first time around. Issues with the display, the price tag, a somewhat awkward outer display and concerns over durability overshadowed a technical achievement years in the making.

Previous predictions have said the tag will be lower than the £2,000 Samsung was asking for the first generation device. Alongside that, we’d love to see a more elegant robust design, better use of the outer display, more apps that actually make use of the form factor, and improved cameras.

Should Samsung tick all the boxes, while lessening the required outlay, it might just be enough to convince those who’d usually buy a Galaxy Note to opt for a foldable handset instead.

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