Flexsee magnetic hinge smart glasses combine technology and style

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Flexsee Magnetic Hinge Smart Glasses

Unlike regular eyewear, the Flexsee magnetic hinge smart glasses offer a great combination of technology and style. Made with state-of-the-art technology, these smart spectacles are incredibly lightweight for a great reading experience. And their magnetic composition ensures they last a very long time. Just five millimeters thick when folded, the Flexsee glasses are only seven millimeters thick when you include the case. What’s more, this smart eyewear pairs with a smart case so it’s easy to carry with any type of smartphone or vehicle magnetic navigation holder. Super easy to carry, these glasses are also comfortable thanks to their adjustable temple tips. And you’ll love that they come in two different models with six different colors. Finally, with five optical power options in mono-focal, bi-focal, sun, and blue-block lens choices, these magnetic hinge smart glasses also boast UV400 protection.

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