Fix coming after OnePus 8 Pro 'green tint' display complaints

Fix coming after OnePus 8 Pro 'green tint' display complaints
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OnePlus is promising remedies after some OnePlus 8 Pro early adopters complained of issues with one of its signature features – the 120Hz fluid display the company markets as ‘the best you’ll ever lay eyes on’.

The Chinese firm told Trusted Reviews it is working on solutions that’ll roll out in forthcoming updates, amid reports of a strange green tint to the display from some pre-order customers, as well as what looks like it could be image burn or ghosting/image retention.

Some of the issues had been noticed by some OnePlus 8 Pro reviewers (via Android Police), but they don’t appear to be uniform because the display on our model was utterly flawless. Indeed, some of the complaints are common to all OLED devices.

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The issues have come to light again through posts on the OnePlus subreddit, with one user user posting rather worrying looking images of his phone’s display after just 24 hours of use. One of which is below.

Another user claimed to have received a reply from OnePlus support suggesting that avoiding viewing high contrast content for long periods might be a remedy, and also protect the screen from lasting damage. The purported support agent insisted the issue was not related to a manufacturing defect.

The agent is said to have written: “When viewing same content with high contrasts for a long time, sometimes a brief afterimage will show and vanish within a short time. Suggestion is… don’t let the screen showing the high contrasts content for too long to avoid irreversible damage.”

In a statement, OnePlus says the reports are being investigated and updates are on the way, which implies this is a software issue rather than any problem with the hardware itself.

The firm told Trusted Reviews: “OnePlus values user feedback and is committed to delivering the best smartphone experience. Our team is currently investigating these reports to identify the best solutions for our users, and we will issue updates as soon as they are ready. Regarding the green tint, we are working to resolve this in our next OTA.”

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