First Alert Onelink smoke and CO detector provides two sensors in one device

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First Alert Onelink Smoke and CO Detector

It’s important to know if there’s smoke or carbon monoxide in your home, and now you don’t need two different devices to do so. With the First Alert Onelink smoke and CO detector, you get both sensors in one gadget. In fact, this two-in-one smart alarm has a photoelectric smoke sensor and an electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor. Additionally, this home gadget delivers both mobile and voice alerts. So you get emergency notifications immediately when you need them and where you’re at. Connect Onelink with your Amazon Alexa gadgets to create a full home safety network. Furthermore, it’s easy to change the battery when necessary. Though, with its five-year battery life, this gadget won’t require that too often. Finally, compatible with both Android and Apple devices, this smoke and CO detector also works with Apple HomeKit.

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