Every OnePlus 8 phone will boast 5G – and a few other neat tricks

Every OnePlus 8 phone will boast 5G – and a few other neat tricks
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Every single phone in OnePlus’ new range will come equipped with 5G connectivity. But what else can we expect from the new devices?

For the launch of its upcoming handset range, the OnePlus 8 series, the brand has declared that each and every phone in the series will be equipped to offer 5G connectivity, likely via the Qualcomm X55 modem and Snapdragon 865 chipset. On the occasion, CEO Pete Lau said:

“This is a milestone both for OnePlus and our users. We’re proud to be among the first smartphone manufacturers to have full 5G line up for our next launch. OnePlus has achieved many firsts with 5G, and this time’s no exception.”

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His comments referred to devices from last year, including the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G. We described it at the time as a “well-executed 5G launch phone”, but cautioned against buying it when so little 5G infrastructure was actually in place.

That seems to have changed recently, with 5G in the UK having undergone a rapid expansion over the last year. This mean 2020 could be the year to opt in to 5G, especially bearing in mind its widespread adoption by the likes of Samsung, and its expected expansion to the iPhone 12 series in Autumn.

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But aside from 5G connectivity, there are plenty of other details about the OnePlus 8 that already seemed to have leaked ahead of its anticipated launch around May this year.

The manufacturer has already announced that the screen will get a major upgrade to a 120Hz refresh rate for even smoother scrolling, and along with that it’ll boast 10-bit colour and 1000 nits peak brightness, with a 2K+ resolution.

On top of that, as previously mentioned, it’s highly likely to run on the Snapdragon 865 chipset. But more controversially, this device looks likely to have a cut-out camera in the screen rather than a pop-up selfie camera – a move that’s likely to upset fans of the notch-free display. However we’ll just have to wait for the unveiling for any official confirmation.

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