Eve Cam is first indoor security camera made for Apple HomeKit Secure Video

Eve Cam is first indoor security camera made for Apple HomeKit Secure Video
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Smart home brand Eve Systems has announced what it claims to be the first indoor security camera made exclusively for Apple’s HomeKit Secure Video system.

The Eve Cam is a small, Full HD camera with a 150-degree ultrawide field of view. It is capable in day or night, with infrared night vision kicking in when the lights are off, and an integrated microphone and speaker means you can communicate with whoever is in the room – to surprise intruders, for example, or tell the kids their dinner is ready.

It comes with a magnetic camera base and can be easily installed on a shelf or wall.

Apple HomeKit Secure Video support ensures that any activity captured by the camera is analysed by your home hub – an Apple TV or HomePod – and then either discounted, if it’s just a pet going about its daily business, say, or recorded and stored for free in a supported iCloud account.

It will be stored for up to 10 days and will not count towards your iCloud storage space.

As the Eve Cam has been designed around the HomeKit Secure Video technology, it is naturally only compatible with Apple products: Apple TV, HomePod, and iOS 13 devices.

Eve also announced a couple of other smart home devices during CES 2020 – an Eve Water Guard, which is HomeKit-enabled too and warns users through notifications of leaks and the like. Plus, a new version of the Eve Energy smart switch is on its way. It is Siri compatible and cheaper than the last smart plug device it replaces.

The Eve Cam will be available in the US from April at a price of $149.95. The Eve Water Guard will start shipping on 11 February for $79.95. And the second generation Eve Energy will be in US stores from 4 February for $39.95.

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