EU commission to stockpile strategic medical gear

EU commission to stockpile strategic medical gear
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The EU commission on Thursday (19 March) stated it will establish a stockpile of face masks, extensive care equipment and other vital medical gear to deal with lacks in member states.

The relocation follows EU countries at the centre of the coronavirus break out have actually dealt with lacks of essential medicalequipment


“The world was very much caught by surprise by the force and speed of this virus,” EU commissioner for crisis management Janez Lenarcic informed press reporters.

From the brand-new reserve the commission would direct products where they are most required based upon an”objective criteria”


It is complimentary to another tool, the civil defense system, where a member states in problem can request aid from other member states. Italy and just recently Spain have actually called for aid within this system.

“We are all in this together, we have to work constructively and work on solutions,” Lenarcic stated.

Under the brand-new reserve strategies, a member state has to volunteer to carry out a procurement, and purchase particularequipment


That will be funded nearly completely by the EU (up to 90 percent), and after that the member states are anticipated to host that little bit of equipment, which will likely wind up going to another member state.

The prepared stockpile will consist of extensive care medical equipment such as ventilators, individual protective equipment such as recyclable masks, therapies and vaccines, and lab products.

Lenarcic stated “half a dozen” member states have actually revealed interest in taking part in the plan.

An EU official stated the reserve might be functional currently next week.

The preliminary EU budget of the stockpile is EUR50 m, of which EUR40 m will have to be authorized by EU federal governments.

The commissioner stated that there is “objective situation” worldwide, that there is a”prevailing scarcity of personal protection gear in EU and all over the world”


The greatest manufacturers remain in China and Asia. Market commissioner Thierry Breton has actually been dealing with European makers to increase production. Some parts of their production likewise comes from other parts of the world.

European manufacturers need a little bit of time to expand or transform their production. “Things are moving, the virus is still faster,” an EU official stated.

EU countries have actually criticised each other after numerous member states, such as Germany, prohibited the export of medical products.

Germany’s economy ministry stated on Wednesday that export licenses for the export of protective equipment to Italy, Switzerland and Austria had actually been provided. The 400,000 protective masks sent out kind Germany has actually gotten here to Italy on Thursday.

“Export bans within the EU undermine both the solidarity on which the EU should be based, as well as mechanisms like the civil protection mechanism,” Lenarcic stated, requiring the elimination of such restrictions.

To assist Europe cope, China has actually used to send out 2.2 million masks and 50,000 screening sets to the EU, commission president Ursula von der Leyen stated on Wednesday.

The EU commission has actually likewise introduced joint procurements for masks, and other protective gear previously this month.

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