Ellodee Sound Companion screen-free audio platform gives kids music, stories, & more

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Ellodee Sound Companion Screen-Free Audio Platform

The Ellodee Sound Companion screen-free audio platform is a gadget any parent will love. It keeps your kids connected, listening, and learning—without screen time. This portable device stores music and stories locally, and it works offline. It can go anywhere: the bedroom, outside, to their grandparents’, and on the road. Additionally, with no screen, camera, or microphone, it ensures you won’t have to worry about your child’s privacy or safety. Following the latest child development research on kids and tech, the Sound Companion grows with kids from toddler to tween. Kids navigate using the colorful wheel: each of the six buttons connects to a song, album, playlist, podcast, or audiobook. And the content assigned to each button shows on the central display. Parents program it with the Ellodee app, choosing favorites from the library of 60 million songs, podcasts, and audiobooks. Finally, you can explore Ellodee’s curated age-appropriate collections.

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