ElevationLab ElevationDock 4 iPhone dock is Apple MFi-certified and works with one hand

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ElevationLab ElevationDock 4 iPhone Dock

With a novel design, the ElevationLab ElevationDock 4 iPhone dock works with just one hand. Thanks to its Apple MFi certification, this smartphone stand plays very well with your iPhone. And its compact, minimal design won’t detract from your workspace. Conveniently, it fits your phone with its case on, as long as the case is no thicker than three millimeters. When you place your iPhone in this stand, it remains secure rather than wobbling around. Crafted with an 18ยบ adjustable back angle, it moves up to four degrees forward and backward. The well-thought-out design includes a lightning connector that flexes with a higher torque than other products, meaning it won’t flop forward. The silicone molding ensures this iPhone dock won’t scratch your device, and the rubber bottom keeps it in place on your desk. Finally, the CNC-machined steel knobs give it a beautiful, industrial look.

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