Dua Lipa quit Twitter for the sake of her mental health

Dua Lipa quit Twitter for the sake of her mental health
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The 24- year-old vocalist’s existence on the platform is restricted to posts from her management team since she stepped away as she felt it was “unkind” and tainted her pride over her profession accomplishments.

She stated: “Online criticism can make you feel like you’re unsatisfactory, so I fidgeted.

“[Twitter] felt like a breeding place for hate and stopped me being happy of my accomplishments.

” Rather of sensation something was remarkable, it made me feel I wasn’t worth it.

” It’s an enormous pity. We have to secure our mental health. I want social media business might make it a more securespace It’s simply ended up being unkind.”

The ‘New Rules’ hitmaker believes her fans ought to take an action back from social media too.

She stated: “Possibly [they should] take an action back from social media themselves. Even when it wasn’t at the height of negativeness, my guidance to fans sensation stress and anxiety was to take an action back. I think I needed to take that on myself a bit.”

Dua experienced a social media reaction previously this year when the hashtag
#dualipaisoverparty appeared after she was envisioned checking out a strip club in January.

However the ‘Do Not Star Now’ vocalist – who never ever spoke up after the images appeared – declines to base her choices on whether she’ll deal with calls to be “cancelled”.

She informed the Sunday Times Culture publication: “I imply, cancel culture is … intriguing.

” You understand, artists are people, and we gain from errors and apologise when it’s due. Likewise, if I stand by my actions, I simply won’ t comment.

” I never ever do anything to be degrading or mean. Whatever has a great objective, and if things get taken an incorrect method, I’ll apologise. I can’t live my life being terrified in case somebody attempts to cancel me for something silly.”

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