Dua Lipa getting through lockdown thanks to boyfriend Anwar Hadid

Dua Lipa getting through lockdown thanks to boyfriend Anwar Hadid
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Dua Lipa has actually credited boyfriend Anwar Hadid with keeping her spirits up with everyday activities as they finish their coronavirus lockdown in an Airbnb.

The New Rules vocalist launched her second album, Future Fond memories, last Friday, however has actually been not able to commemorate appropriately as people around the globe are required to remain at home due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In a video interview with Excellent Early morning Britain’s Lorraine Kelly on Wednesday, Dua exposed she hasn’t even been able to count on home conveniences due to the fact that she’s remaining at an Airbnb due to a flood in her apartment or condo. She was fast to add that she’s “all good” due to the fact that self-isolating methods she gets to invest time with Anwar.

“Both my boyfriend and I are quite used to making anywhere a home, we travel a lot so this is fine,” she discussed, including: “It’s been really, really good. We’re good at doing our things, then coming together when we want to watch a movie, or play a game, or do some painting, or go on our one-daily walk.”

Dua’s moms and dads left Kosovo and moved to London in the 1990 s, and she discussed her family’s experiences imply they’re more than gotten ready for the pandemic.

“I think after going through two wars, they’re like, ‘This is a small price to pay… we can come together collectively to try and heal the world. All we have to do is try to sit on our sofas and watch TV, so I think we can do it’,” she smiled.

Discussing how she is handling stress and anxiety throughout the pandemic, the popstar added that she’s likewise leaning on friends for convenience.

“They are very testing and unsettling times,” the 24- year-old discussed. “One thing to remember is we’re all going through this together, so when you do call your friend, they’re in exactly the same place as you are and it always gives you a bit of clarity and calm.”

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