DSPTCH Root Co. Gravity Mag-Reel Lite telescoping keychain extends to 65 centimeters

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DSPTCH Root Co. Gravity Mag-Reel Lite Telescoping Keychain

Keep your keychain close at hand with the DSPTCH Root Co. Gravity Mag-Reel Lite telescoping keychain. And you won’t have to carry your stuff all the time. That’s because this EDC keychain can connect to your belt loop and extend to 65 centimeters in length. If your smartphone case has a loop on it, you can connect it to this gadget. That’ll keep your phone on your hip but ready for use at a moment’s notice. Or maybe you want to keep your keys on you, but they’re too bulky in your pocket. This telescoping keychain can keep them connected to your backpack so you have access to them when you get home—without having to dig them out of a deep purse. Altogether, this Gravity Mag-Reel Lite can hold up to two kilograms in weight, and it’s great for your phone, keys, wallet, and other accessories.

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