Dominick Reyes thinks ‘regular line stepping’ Jon Jones needs ‘real assistance’

Dominick Reyes thinks ‘regular line stepping’ Jon Jones needs ‘real assistance’
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Dominick Reyes thinks former opponent ‘habitual line stepping’ Jon Jones needs ‘real help’ following a second DWI arrest.

When UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones was apprehended all eyes relied on his last opponent, Dominick Reyes, who lots of think really won their 5-round war at UFC247 It’s times like these when highly-controversial professional athletes, like Jones, are compared to their equivalents– specifically when those equivalents have a much less checkered past.

“The arrest comes at no surprise to anyone; his pattern of habitual line stepping is apparent,” Reyes informed FanSided. “I think he needs some real help.”

Jones accepted a plea offer on Tuesday which would permit him to stay out of prison. And while his arrest is a big talking point, so is the battle which was extremely questionable.

“I still know I was the better fighter that night,” Reyes stated.

A great deal of fans questioned if he ‘d get an instant rematch with Jones or if he ‘d make an interim title shot if Jones was removed of his title.

“I want a rematch, but if he is out of the picture,” he stated. “I feel I have earned another title shot.”

Another hot subject on the mind of Mixed Martial Arts fighters and fans is the coronavirus pandemic and how fighters are managing staying at home given that health clubs are closed. Reyes does not appear too impacted by the remain at home order.

“Well, it hasn’t really impacted my training regime because most of my training is private as a championship contender,” he stated. “It also helps that I have my own facilities.”

Reyes is among lots of Mixed Martial Arts fighters who are actively supporting a brand-new male health line,MANSCAPED He and others such as Max Holloway and Francis Ngannou are singing the applauds of the grooming items.

“MANSCAPED’s sponsorship is important to me because I am a man and I like to stay fresh for the ladies,” he stated. “Their products have given me the right tools for the job after a long day in the gym. My favorite MANSCAPED product is the Crop Cleanser body wash. I recommend the Lawn Mower 3.0 to trim without causing cuts, wash with the Crop Cleanser, add a splash of Crop Preserver, and throw on the MANSCAPED anti-chafing boxers. That’s a championship routine for maximum confidence.”

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FanSided talked to Reyes on behalf of MANSCAPED.

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