Does the Pixel 4a have 5G?

Does the Pixel 4a have 5G?
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After months of keeping us waiting, Google has finally made the Pixel 4a official. But one question on everyone’s lips is does the phone have 5G?

5G hasn’t been around too long, but it’s no longer a feature you’ll need to splash the cash on a flagship for. Mid-range phones like the LG Velvet, and even far cheaper options like the £299 Moto G 5G Plus all boast the tech.

Does the Pixel 4a have 5G?

The Pixel 4a does not support 5G.

This shouldn’t come as much of a shock to anyone who has been following the leaks. However, it does mean the new Google phone is off the table to anyone looking for a cheap 5G phone with a great camera.

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While 5G phones like the OnePlus Nord and Moto G 5G Plus use the Snapdragon 765G chipset, the Pixel 4a uses the Snapdragon 730, which lacks support for the 5G service.

This move will likely annoy some, and simply not bother others. 5G in the UK is fast when you can get it, however coverage is still patchy in large cities and often non-existent elsewhere. You’d also need a 5G plan with your network to get the service. Some do offer this as a free upgrade, while others charge.

Those phones mentioned above also only support the sub–6Hz 5G bands, rather than the much faster mmWave bands some US carriers have adopted. 5G likely won’t be completely mainstream and used to its full potential until phones support both methods of 5G delivery.

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Google will announce a Pixel 4a 5G alongside the Pixel 5 later in the year, which is rumoured would utilise the 765G chipset. So if you simply must have a 5G Pixel then you’re better off waiting and seeing if that pans out.

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