Does the iPhone SE 2 have Face ID?

Does the iPhone SE 2 have Face ID?
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The new iPhone SE 2 has just launched, packaging some new iPhone features in an old design, and one of the questions people are asking is if it’s possible to use Face ID with the new device.

Unlocking your phone by scanning your face is a secure, not to mention convenient, method. But not all iPhones in Apple’s range boast Face ID.

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Does the iPhone SE 2 have Face ID?

No, the iPhone SE 2 does not have Face ID. Instead, it offers Touch ID, which is integrated into the home button below the screen and works by scanning your fingerprint to unlock the phone.

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Touch ID was first introduced along with the iPhone 5S, and then featured on all phones in the series up to the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus; the iPhone X was the first model in the series to ditch it in favour of Face ID. Both identification methods can be used as biometric security to verify payments as well.

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Face ID was introduced with the iPhone X and has featured on every new iPhone since then, including the latest iPhone 11 range. This makes the iPhone SE 2 this first new iPhone to lack the feature since 2017.

It’s no surprise that the iPhone SE 2 should share its unlock method in common with the now-withdrawn iPhone 8, as both devices have very similar constructions. The main differences are the iPhone SE 2’s souped-up internals, including a top-of-the-line A13 Bionic chipset, plus a new camera.

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While it may be a little disappointing that you can’t unlock the iPhone SE 2 with your face, the phone still offers some strong features for the £419 ($399) price. And if you’re upgrading from any Apple device before the iPhone X, you won’t notice the difference as those phones also lack the Face Unlock option.

However, the iPhone SE 2 does cost a lot more in the UK than it does in the US.

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