Doctor Pillow Copper Gel 7-in-1 cooling pillow has antisnoring characteristics

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Doctor Pillow Copper Gel 7-in-1 Cooling Pillow

Frustrated by a noisy sleeper? Get them the Doctor Pillow Copper Gel 7-in-1 cooling pillow, which helps those who snore stop doing so! It has seven features: carbon bamboo, cooling gel, air cell technology, bouncetek memory foam, infused copper, and air vortex mesh. And this 7-in-1 cooling pillow has antisnore neck alignment that properly supports your neck, ensuring your breathing pathway stays open. In fact, this orthopedic pillow relieves neck and shoulder pain while you sleep, so you’re better rested and without pain in the morning. The cooling smart gel keeps you at a cool temperature, and the air cell technology promotes airflow. Additionally, the memory foam provides a supportive cradle for your head. What’s more, woven with double copper, it keeps out harmful allergens, and the bamboo charcoal defends against bacteria, dirt, mold, and dust mites. Yea, you really don’t want to think about what’s in your current pillow.

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