Desperate for cardio? This affordable spin bike takes up zero space

Desperate for cardio? This affordable spin bike takes up zero space
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Even though there are countless ways to work out at home and so many different options to use household items as your fitness equipment—as the COVID-19 quarantine has taught everyone—there are just some aspects of your beloved gym or studio workout that can’t be replaced. After scouring the internet for something that can bring your fave spin class to your living room, however, we’ve stumbled upon one buy that fits the bill: the Marcy Foldable Upright Exercise Bike ($145).

This bike may look like a simple contraption that wouldn’t hold up as a replacement for your former beloved SoulCycle option, but don’t judge it by its appearance. First of all, the best thing about it is that it’s completely foldable and really lightweight—so you can easily fit it into a closet (it even fits into a Well+Good editor’s New York City apartment, which says a lot). And for such a mobile spin bike, it’s got some advanced technology packed into it—like an LCD panel that shows you all of your workout stats.

Photo: Marcy

It may not have the fancy screen that a Peloton-type spin bike has attached to it for seamless streaming, but you can get the same type of workout in by simply queuing up whatever your fave app is for online workouts (such as Peloton itself, or Aaptiv, for example). And you can go as fast and as hard as you want to. Our editor who owns the bike says that it’s “remarkably sturdy,” and that you can easily stand up on the pedals, out of the saddle, without it falling over. So your intensity doesn’t have to change at all.

You might not really care much for the color of your workout equipment, but if you do, please note that this spin bike comes in pink and white as well as black and white. So, if you want an affordable at-home bike to do all of your regular spinning workouts on, but don’t have much space, this Marcy product is a score.

BTW, this is what it’s like to take a spin class underwater (yes, it’s a thing):

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