Dear EU Leaders, stand up for Europeans, now!

Dear EU Leaders, stand up for Europeans, now!
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Humanity is dealing with another significant crisis, triggered by a unnoticeable and quiet enemy that understands no borders and might possibly attack anybody.

This is a war and Europe need to act appropriately to safeguard itself. Whatever is at stake: not just our health however likewise our lifestyle, our tasks, our social structure and oureconomy


Just with a strong, collaborated and joined political method can we win this fight.

At the minute, Europe plainly does not have a true ethical management and coordination to handle this emergency situation. We, members of Volt Belgium – the Belgian chapter of Volt Europa, the first pan-European party – get in touch with you to stand up and show more uniformity and unity throughout theEU


Our party stands versus the rise of nationalism that has actually threatened the EU project over the last few years. Now we highly condemn the rise of ‘corona nationalism’.

Let’s gain from ourpast National steps are not enough when we deal with a global crisis. Performing rapidly and acting together is the just reliable action. This is your chance to show uniformity, action and coordination. This is a test of European unity. This is the minute to show whether we are a real Union or not.

We value the European Commission’s first bundle of steps to combat Covid-19, a first joint action in the best instructions.

However there is still much to be done, the member states are still acting in a different way and selfishly. We desire you to be more powerful and joined! All member states need to show a typical meaningful strategy to conserve our society.

The EU organizations need to ensure an equivalent circulation of medical equipment and financial assistance to all.

The Covid-19 break out shows how essential and immediate it is to have a universal and solidarity-based public healthsystem Uniformity needs to be reinforced and each member state need to take the very same steps to consist of the spread and combat of Covid-19

This extraordinary circumstance calls for extraordinary steps. We get in touch with you for a more powerful policy coordination and a meaningful method with the development of a “European Covid-19 coordination body” to ensure the smooth working of our Single Market.

Additionally, all EU federal governments and organizations need to have the ability to take the needed steps, no matter their present level of insolvency, to support the weaker households, business in keeping present tasks, and employees who have actually currently lost their tasks.

Heads of state and federal government need to lastly act to embrace an enthusiastic multi-annual budget adjusted to this unmatched systemic crisis.

Lastly, according to some research studies, Covid-19 is spreading out more quickly in the most contaminated areas, which is why the execution of the European Green Offer need to continue to be among the top priorities for a required financial, ecological and social shift after this crisis has actually passed.

If you do not show unity and if you will refrain from doing whatever it takes, people will not forget. And it may lead to the end of the European Union.

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