Dave Grohl feels like a ‘six-year-old kid with his pants down’ when people listen to his new music

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The Foo Fighters frontman insisted he seldom thinks about his group as the “greatest in the world” and is constantly worried about complete strangers listening to what he’s been up to in the recording studio.

He stated: “I have actually never ever participated in the album procedure thinking, ‘We’re the best, most incredible, greatest band on the planet.’

” You may encourage yourself of that when you remain in a space listening to s ** t you have actually simply taped.

” However the second you strike play in front of a roomful of complete strangers, you develop into a six-year-old kid with his pants down at school. Definitely. You’re simply [fearful].”

Drummer Taylor Hawkins confessed he has actually been especially worried with the new instructions the band have actually handled their upcoming 10 th album.

He informed MOJO publication: “We have actually sort of ended up being the AC/DC of post- grunge or whatever. The response is going to be intriguing. It’s the most pop wonderful album we have actually ever made.

” However I had a tough time making this record since I was like Roger Taylor in the Queen film. ‘We’re resorting to drum loops?’ I practically feel like Dave like mayhem a bit then likes to manage it.”

On The Other Hand, Dave confessed he lastly entirely lost any phase shock after carrying out Wings’ ‘Band on the Run’ at the White House in 2010 in front of then-President Barack Obama and Sir Paul McCartney.

He stated: “I was basing on the side of the phase, waiting to go on, believing ‘I hope I do not faint, I hope I do not throw up, I hope I sing in secret.’

” And I was so wrecked with worry, I understood I was losing this extraordinary minute on that worry.

” And I was gon na lose the pleasure or the magic of simply existing because minute. And after that the worry simply kinda disappeared.

“So, now I have no f***ing problem standing up in front of 150,000 people.”

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