Craig Jones submits Kevin Casey

Craig Jones submits Kevin Casey
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Have A Look At every result and emphasize from Submission Underground 12, headlined by Mixed Martial Arts veteran Kevin Casey and among the very best grapplers worldwide today, Craig Jones.

While almost every sport worldwide, consisting of numerous Mixed Martial Arts occasions, have actually been placed on time out thanks to the continuous coronavirus pandemic (though the UFC is attempting its hardest to not remain in this group), Chael Sonnen’s Submission Underground 12 was still a go and took put on Sunday, March 29, 2020.

The event, which was held without fans and media in presence, was highlighted by Craig Jones, thought about among the leading grappling professional athletes on earth, beating Mixed Martial Arts veteran Kevin Casey, his former training partner, in the main event.

About five-and-a-half minutes into the contest, Jones scored a submission by bringing the battle down and capturing Casey in a heel hook versus the cage.

The co-main event saw Ben Egli, who Sonnen has actually stated is “on the tip of Sean Shelby’s tongue,” best UFC veteran Jake Ellenberger. Ellenberger endured Egli’s charge in and a flurry of submissions however caught an Americana.

Have A Look At the full results and highlights from Submission Underground 12:

Kevin Casey vs. Craig Jones

OFFICIAL RESULT: Craig Jones def. Kevin Casey through submission (heel hook)


Jake Ellenberger vs. Ben Egli

OFFICIAL RESULT: Ben Egli def. Jake Ellenberger through submission (Americana)


Bobby Emmons vs. Juan Bernardo

OFFICIAL RESULT: Juan Bernardo def. Bobby Emmons through submission (rear-naked choke) in overtime

Cris Lencioni vs. Logan Skinner

OFFICIAL RESULT: Cris Lencioni def. Logan Skinner through submission (rear-naked choke) in overtime

Joe Levasseur vs. Matt Stringham

OFFICIAL RESULT: Matt Stringham def. Joe Levasseur through submission (standing guillotine)

Thomas Patrick vs. Alex Larmey

OFFICIAL RESULT: Alex Larmey def. Thomas Patrick in overtime (faster submission escape)

Canyon Marinez vs. Jake Smith

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jake Smith def. Canyon Martinez in overtime (faster submission escape)

Lee Flores vs. Don Stoner

OFFICIAL RESULT: Don Stoner def. Lee Flores through submission (rear-naked choke)


Cody Kenaga vs. John Simon

OFFICIAL RESULT: Cody Kenaga def. John Simon in overtime (faster submission escape)

Submission Underground 12 took put on Sunday, March 29,2020 The event aired on UFC Battle Pass. Follow in addition to FanSided Mixed Martial Arts for all your results and highlights.

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