Cowboy 3 smart electric bike offers crash detection

Cowboy 3 smart electric bike offers crash detection
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Cowboy 3 Smart Electric Bike

You’ll enjoy moving around town with the Cowboy 3 smart electric bike. This personal vehicle not only looks gorgeous but also comes with crash detection for added safety. Thanks to three of its built-in sensors, this eBike detects falls. By combining the wheel’s speed sensor, the pedal’s torque sensor, and the accelerometer, this smart electric bike recognizes if you have an accident. And this highly accurate detector won’t go off if you brake quickly, drop your bike, or hit a pothole. The best part is that it alerts emergency contacts if you don’t confirm you’re okay within a minute. Furthermore, it offers intuitive motor assistance, a 70-km-range battery, built-in front and rear safety lights, and hydraulic brakes. Weighing only 17 kilograms, the Cowboy 3 is easy to use and carry. The app also offers a live dashboard, GPS tracking, navigation, and more to improve your riding experience.

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