‘countries need to take their boldest actions’

‘countries need to take their boldest actions’
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The director for the World Health Company (WHO) in Europe, Hans Henri Kluge, has actually advised countries in Europe to take vital action to stop the spread of the infection and lift export prohibits on masks and other medical materials to prevent lacks.

“The shortage of medical supplies can be never solved by market dynamics only, it will also require collaborative actions between countries,” Kluge cautioned on Tuesday (17 March).

“Solidarity within the country and with other countries is essential and it should be stronger,” he added throughout a Facebook live broadcast at WHO’s main workplaces in Copenhagen.

Provided the existing lacks of anti-virus equipment, the Czech Republic, France and Germany obstructed exports on medical materials and protective equipment – with specific exceptions.

Independently, the European Commission introduced a sped up joint procurement treatment with 26 member states to ensure an appropriate supply of protective equipment in the EU.

No ‘one-size-fits-all’

The WHO Europe declared that there was not a “one-size-fits-all” method to handling the coronavirus break out, as European countries are dealing with really various situations.

Nevertheless, the goal of all countries needs to be the very same.

“Every country, with no exceptions, need to take their boldest actions to stop or slow down the virus threat. Boldest action should include community action: thinking that this does not concern me is not an option,” Klug stated.

Although there is just a specific degree of positioning of policies in Europe, there is a set of typical concepts.

These are consisting of the infection with early medical diagnosis and traceability, making more powerful the national health care system and mobilising the neighborhoods to take procedures such as social distancing and routine hand cleaning, according to WHO.

” It is regular that at the start countries are reacting to the break out on a more specific method, however the marriage [of measures] will come naturally as we progress,” Kluge stated.

“There is, quite simply, a new reality,” cautioned Kluge who think that “everyone in the society has a role to play”.

Universal health protection

The coronavirus break out has actually brought to the leading edge the significance of the so-called universal health protection – among the sustainable advancement objectives of the United Nations (UN) for 2030.

Europe is the birth place of universal health protection, which imply that everybody in the population, individually of age race, origin, or financial status, requirements to have the right to equivalent gain access to to health care without being pressed into the hardship.

As coronavirus tests’ rate towers above EUR25, lots of countries may be dealing with issues to pay for mass screening.

Nevertheless, WHO on Monday required screening every presumed case of the brand-new coronavirus.

“We need to be very innovative and ensure that those who need it, can have it,” stated the planner of the health emergency situations program at WHO Europe, Dorit Nitzan, who thinks that “prioritisation is key”.

While the coronavirus has actually spread out to 152 countries worldwide, some have “really succeeded to contain and push back” the spread, Kluge stated, referring to China, South Korea and Singapore.

Since 17 March, more than 189,758 laboratory-confirmed cases of coronavirus have actually been reported worldwide, along with 7,518 deaths and 80,874 healings.

Over 27,000 cases of coronavirus have actually been signed up in Italy, the most-affected nation in Europe – followed by Spain (11,409), Germany (8,084) and France (6,633).

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