Coronavirus: Health Ministry Issues 15- Point Advisory On ‘Social Distancing’

Coronavirus: Health Ministry Issues 15- Point Advisory On ‘Social Distancing’
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All These Proposed Interventions Shall Be In Force Till March31 The Ministry Will Review The Scenario After That.

Coronavirus: Health Ministry Issues 15- Point Advisory On ‘Social Distancing’ (Image Credit: PTI file)

New Delhi:

The Ministry of Health and Family Well-being on Monday released an advisory on Social Distancing Step in view of the spread of coronavirus which declared more than 6,000 lives around the world, consisting of India, up until now. All these proposed interventions will remain in force till March31 The ministry will review the scenario after that.

What is social distancing?

According to the advisory, it is a non-pharmaceutical infection avoidance and control intervention carried out to prevent/decrease contact in between those who are contaminated with an illness triggering pathogen and those who are not, so regarding slow or stop down the rate and level of illness transmission in a neighborhood.

“This eventually leads to decrease in spread, morbidity and mortality due to the disease. In addition to the proposed interventions, the State/UT Governments may prescribe such other measures as they consider necessary,” it mentions.

Coronavirus: Health Ministry proposes following 15 interventions

  1. Closure of all instructional facilities (schools, universities etc), health clubs, museums, social and cultural centres, pool and theatres. Trainees must be recommended to remain athome Online education to be promoted.
  2. Possibility of holding off tests might be checked out. Continuous tests to be carried out just after making sure a physical range of one meter among trainees.
  3. Motivate private sector organizations/employers to enable workers to work from home anywhere practical.
  4. Conferences, as far as practical, will be done through video conferences. Reduce or reschedule conferences including a a great deal of individuals unless needed
  5. Dining Establishments to ensure handwashing procedure and correct tidiness of often touched surface areas. Ensure physical distancing (minimum 1 metre) in between tables; motivate al fresco seating where useful with sufficient distancing.
  6. Keep currently prepared wedding events to a minimal event, hold off all non-essential social and cultural events.
  7. Regional authorities to have a dialogue with organizers of sporting competitors and occasions including big events and they might be recommended to hold off such occasions.
  8. Regional authorities to have a dialogue with viewpoint leaders and spiritual leaders to manage mass events and must ensure no overcrowding/at least one-metre range in between individuals.
  9. Regional authorities to have a conference with traders associations and other stakeholders to manage hours, show Do’s and Do n’ts and use up an interaction drive- in market locations like sabzi mandi, anaj mandi, bus depots, train stations, post- workplaces and so on, where necessary services are supplied.
  10. All industrial activities should keep a range of one meter in between consumers. Steps to decrease peak hour crowding in markets.
  11. Non-essential travel must be prevented. Buses, aeroplanes and trains to take full advantage of social distancing in public transportation besides making sure correct and routine disinfection of surface areas.
  12. Healthcare Facilities to follow the needed procedure connected to COVID-19 management as recommended and limit family/ friends/children checking out clients in healthcare facilities.
  13. Health and physical distancing need to be kept. Hugging and shaking hands as a matter of welcoming to be prevented.
  14. Unique protective steps for shipment men/ women operating in online ordering services.
  15. Keep neighborhoods notified regularly and continuously.

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First Released: 16 Mar 2020, 11: 53: 02 PM

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