Constellation by Richard Clarkson Studio light system comes in the 12 Zodiac shapes

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Constellation by Richard Clarkson Studio Light System

The Constellation by Richard Clarkson Studio light system provides ambient light in the shape of the Zodiac signs. Coming in each of the 12 different Zodiac configurations, it lets you select Aries, Taurus, and more. Made of brass, the Constellation light inspires awe and creates a sense of magic in any room. You can hang just one, or you can purchase all 12 to fill a large space. Each light in this lamp represents one star in the constellation, and they all float on a two-dimensional plane. However, a nearly invisible wire holds them in place, suspending them in air. Additionally, choose a Convergent style where the wires meet at one point on the ceiling, or you can select the Vertical style where they hang straight from each point on the lamp to the ceiling. Any option of this light system will definitely stand out.

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