Click It Stick car seat installation tool helps you safely latch a car seat in a jiffy

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Click It Stick Car Seat Installation Tool

Safely installing a car seat can feel like it takes forever. The seatbelt gets jammed, it won’t slide behind the car seat, and on and on. This frustrating process is made so much simpler with the Click It Stick car seat installation tool. This two-piece gadget takes just a few easy and quick steps to use. First, pull the seatbelt so it’s completely extended. Then use the included clip to keep the seatbelt from sliding back while you’re using it. The other piece of this car seat installer is a magnetic stick that you connect to the seatbelt magnet. It then slides behind the car seat, pulling the seatbelt with it. All you have to do then is disconnect the magnet, click the seatbelt into place, and remove the clip to tighten the seatbelt. This car seat installation tool is easy for anyone of any age.

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