CleanWrist sanitizer bracelet keeps you safe wherever you go

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CleanWrist Sanitizer Bracelet

You want to use hand sanitizer frequently, but it’s not always right where you need it. Now, with the CleanWrist sanitizer bracelet, it can be. This convenient bracelet with sanitizer keeps you safe by ensuring you always have a way to kill germs. Conveniently, it solves the problem of not being able to find your sanitizer bottle. You can stop digging through your purse or backpack to find it after using the ATM. Additionally, this wearable with sanitizer is easy to use: simply press it, and gel will pump out into your hand. And it’s easy to refill this hand sanitizer bracelet, too. Just unplug it from the back and put in more sanitizing gel. Available in black, blue, and pink, the CleanWrist is great for anyone during any activity.

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