Chromecast with Google TV remote offers convenient navigation buttons

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Google Chromecast with Google TV Remote

It’s awesome how much content there is out there, but it can be hard to remember whether that new movie you wanted to watch was on Netflix or Hulu. Or whether the new season of your show is on Amazon or YouTube. With the Google Chromecast with Google TV remote, everything you love is in one place. Available in three colors—Snow, Sky, and Sunrise–this smart remote has dedicated buttons for Netflix and YouTube. It even has a voice assistant button that you can press to ask for all the comedy shows to appear, for example. And it’ll then display everything from all your different streaming services. However, you can also use the buttons to go to your home page, back, and adjust the volume. The Google Chromecast with Google TV has a simple design and floating stance that makes it easy to pick up. So it’s always ready for you.

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