Chinese Campaign in Tibet Rewards Tibetans for Reporting on Each Other

Chinese Campaign in Tibet Rewards Tibetans for Reporting on Each Other
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Chinese authorities in the Tibetan Autonomous Area just recently revealed a campaign focused on marking out reports and false information, however Tibet experts state that its true function is to suppress liberty of expression, specifically amongst supporters of Tibetan self-reliance.

According to an April 1 report in the China Tibet Online, the 17- point “Squash Rumors and Reactionary Activities” campaign uses rewards for people who tip off authorities to a large swath of unlawful activities.

Tipsters can make in between 1,000 and 10,000 yuan (U.S. $141-$ 1,410) for reporting on activities varying from the production or circulation of unapproved publications, advocacy for a greater degree of autonomy for Tibet, and the “misguidance” of spiritual followers through the support of superstitious belief.

The steps likewise particularly go over “those who advocate illegal activities like calling for Tibetan independence.”

Spreading out worry

A number of Tibetan experts stated that the campaign is indicated to turn Tibetans on one another and ruin their sense of national identity.

Aryang Gyalpo, the representative for the Central Tibetan Administration, informed RFA’s Tibetan Service, “the campaign, in reality, is aimed at creating an environment of fear and suspicion for those advocating the protection of the environment and the preservation of Tibetan religion and culture.”

“It streamlines the process for the arrest and detention of those courageous Tibetans who stand up for Tibetan language and culture,” the representative stated.

Tenzin Dalha, a scientist at the Tibet Policy Institute informed RFA, “These so-called measures are nothing new. The Chinese authorities long ago implemented these policies to pave the way for easy crackdowns and control of the Tibetan people.”

” By fulfilling snitches, it plants a seed of discord amongst Tibetans themselves. Unlike anything that has actually come previously, this [campaign] will produce more bitterness and mistrust amongst Tibetans,” he stated.

The policy of fulfilling tipsters has precedents. Comparable projects were in result in the year 2000 and once again in September 2019.

Reported by Kalden lodoe and Lobsang Gelek for RFA’s Tibetan Service. Equated by Dorjee Damdul. Composed in English by Eugene Whong.

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