Celebrities Give Back In The #DOYOURPARTCHALLENGE

Celebrities Give Back In The #DOYOURPARTCHALLENGE
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While the typical American employee who isn’t able to work from home waits on the federal government to step in and help, celebrities are participating in little acts of compassion. The #DOYOURPARTCHALLENGE is aiming to allow celebrities to directly help disadvantaged people.

The challenge requires artists, performers, influencers, and in between to ask their followers to DM or send out an e-mail to them listing some things that they need. This can be food, diapers, or newly scarce family items like bathroom tissue and hand sanitizer.

The public figure will pick a couple of people to challenge and help three other celebrity friends to do the exact same.

Prior to requiring a redistribution of wealth, Britney Spears took to Instagram to reveal that she will be participating in the positive viral trend since she was chosen by her sibling Jamie Lynn Spears.

‘My sister @jamielynnspears has nominated me to participate in the #DoYourPartChallenge so I’ m choosing three fans to assist throughout this hard time … DM me and let me understand how I can assist, and I will do what I can !!! GOD BLESS I choose @willsmith @samasghari @cadehudson22!!!’

Vanderpump Rules star Stassi Schroder is also signing up with the motion. She was chosen by Jamie Lynn too.

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Hi guys, I hope everyone is staying safe & staying in. It’s important for all of us to band together during this time of uncertainty, and with all the shops, bars and restaurants closed, I know it’s a tough time for many. I was nominated by @jamielynnspears to take part in the #doyourpartchallenge challenge and I am happy to participate — if you guys send me your needs (along with your addresses) to my email, I’ll choose a handful of stories at random and send you what you need whether it be pantry items, craft supplies / school supplies for your kids or toiletry essentials. I also nominate @brittany @ariana252525 @amandabatula & @caconover to join me ❤️

A post shared by Stassi Schroeder (@stassischroeder) on Mar 21, 2020 at 3:18pm PDT

‘Hi guys, I hope everyone is staying safe & staying in. It’ s crucial for everyone to unite throughout this time of unpredictability, and with all the closed, I understand it’s a difficult time for numerous. I was chosen by @jamielynnspears to participate in the #doyourpartchallenge obstacle, and I enjoy to get involved— if you men send me your requirements (together with your addresses) to my e-mail, I’ll pick a handful of stories at random and send you what you need whether it be kitchen products, craft supplies/school supplies for your kids or toiletry essentials.’

The Bravolebrity nominated a few of her co-stars.

Chantel Jeffries will be another one to pay it forward.

She posted a caption on an Instagram post that checked out: ‘#doyourpartchallenge donating meals to families in need! Dm me! & I encourage anyone that can take part in this challenge to do so. With everything going on, it’ s so crucial that we stick and do what we can to assist others. We are all in this together!’

This challenge doesn’t even mention the millions of dollars celebrities like Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, and Drew Brees have given to numerous relief funds.

It’s fantastic to see everyone coming together in a time like this.

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