Businesses thrive on light-touch regulation, certainty and the rule of law

Businesses thrive on light-touch regulation, certainty and the rule of law
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The rule of law must be paramount. Britain has a long and varied history; a history that should always be seen in the round, but never used as an excuse for violence or vandalism. The scenes we witnessed last weekend, in which a group of leftist revolutionaries and other sundry Marxist militants hijacked an anti-racism protest and used it to injure police officers, graffiti statues, and create disorder were shocking to many. It is essential that the criminals are brought to justice. We cannot allow ourselves to be dictated to by a mob.

The far Left, in common with hardline Remainers, are all too keen to disparage Britain’s past.

The UK of the present is not the UK of the past, and learning from our history does not mean tearing it down.

This is the country that exported Parliamentary democracy. That led the industrial revolution. That stood alone in 1940 and, along with our allies in both America and across the Empire and the Commonwealth, defeated Hitler’s fascist machine. Deriding Winston Churchill as a racist, or desecrating war memorials, is the height of thuggish revisionism. Whatever our race or background, we should not allow a fringe minority to distort or denigrate our shared culture. The UK of the present is not the UK of the past, and learning from our history does not mean tearing it down.

Whilst vandals must be held responsible for their actions, the press should also take this opportunity to re-assess their behaviour. For too long, our mainstream broadcasters have been favouring their own agenda above the truth. Character assassinations of the “wrong people” have been all too readily encouraged, and moral judgments declaimed in an inconsistent and unreliable way. Across Sky, Channel 4, and the ITV, contestable opinion has been too regularly passed of as impartial journalism. It is no wonder that trust in the media is at an all time low.

The BBC’s increasingly agenda-driven activity deserves particular attention. Over the past few weeks we have been treated to sermons from senior journalists, and increasingly desperate efforts to manipulate the news. This reached a fever pitch in the last few days, with the organisation’s ludicrous claim that chaos we saw in London, and around the country, over the weekend was “largely peaceful”. A riot which injured thirty officers and saw horses traumatised cannot be reasonably described as “peaceful”. Twitter swiftly leapt on the debacle, and Defund The BBC, a campaign to abolish the licence fee, has picked up 60,000+ followers since Sunday lunchtime.

There is clearly a problem. Despite winning multiple elections and a referendum, Brexiteers still find themselves frozen out by the metropolitan Establishment, whose media cheerleaders continue to pursue an agenda at odds with the beliefs and values of the rest of the country. It is essential that, once the transition period has passed and Brexit is assured, we begin a wholesale reform of Britain’s institutions. The public sector blob has been allowed to dominate our discourse for too long. Brexit was a vote for us to leave the EU, but it was so much more than that.

It is time for a brighter Britain, a more optimistic Britain. A Britain that stands tall in the world, comfortable with its past and ready to embrace the future.

Culture wars are springing up across the West, creating division and acrimony, and further damaging an already immensely precarious global economy. Businesses thrive on light-touch regulation, low taxes, certainty and the rule of law. The more stable our country, the more attractive it will be both to outside investors and new entrepreneurs. An individual’s race, gender, or sexuality is not relevant in a business environment, and avoiding bitter arguments about immutable characteristics will benefit us hugely in the immediate years ahead.

As Margaret Thatcher once noted, “In a democracy, nothing, but nothing justifies a recourse to violence.” The people have spoken. The mob – be it Britain’s media apparatchiks, or sociology drop-outs tearing down statues – cannot be allowed to put us off.

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