bring refugees on Greek islands to safety

bring refugees on Greek islands to safety
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As medical professionals in Europe, we call on the leaders of our federal governments and of the European Union to take instant action to ensure the safety ofrefugees


Recently, the refugee camps on the Greek Islands have actually ended up being progressively overcrowded.

The corona pandemic that threatens to overwhelm the camps will have devastating effects for the refugees, the Greek residents and the rest of our European society.

It is an impression to believe that a Covid-19 break out in these camps might be kept under control. 40,000 people are living on a couple of square kilometres, and there are just a handful of medical professionals present.

Lots of children and grownups are currently wrecked by psychological and physical injuries.

If Europe averts now, this circumstance might intensify to end up being a medical catastrophe, which would represent a major offense of the standards and worths of European health care.

It is our task to avoid this from taking place, for the refugees, for the Greek people who have actually been in limbo for many years, and for Europe as a whole.

As medical professionals, we have actually sworn an oath appealing to offer healthcare to all people, regardless of their individual background.

As European medical professionals, we are required to do whatever possible to avoid this looming medical disaster.

The leaders of the European Union likewise made a guarantee 4 years ago that each nation would take in a repaired variety of refugees from Greece and Turkey.

Not a single EU nation has actually abided by this contract.

Moving refugees to camps on the Greek mainland is not a reliable option; the camps on the Greek mainland are currently overcrowded.

We call on all leaders of the EU to abide by the contract from 2016, and to take refugees into their countries, in order to avoid a medical catastrophe on European area.

This Dutch effort was at first begun on March 24 th, 2020, and in the brief time given that introducing, has actually currently been signed by countless European medical physicians. To sign the letter, please click here.

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The letter has actually been signed by a variety of popular Dutch doctors consisting of, among others:

Dr Louise Gunning-Schepers, teacher at the University of Amsterdam and creator of the European Public Health Association (EUPHA), Gerlach Cerfontaine, chairperson of the Association of Dutch Medical Professionals, Dr Maria van den Muijsenbergh, teacher at Radboud University Medical Centre, Dr Ivan Wolffers, emeritus teacher at Amsterdam University Medical Centre.

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