Bose TV Speaker media sound system sets up in just one simple step

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Bose TV Speaker Media Sound System

If you’re going to add another device to your living room, you don’t want it to be complicated. That’s where the Bose TV Speaker media sound system comes in with its one-step setup. All you have to do is connect the included optical audio cable to both the TV Speaker and your television. Or you can use an HDMI cable that you already have. Then you’re ready to watch and listen to your heart’s content. What’s more, this television speaker works with HDMI-CEC, meaning you can control it with the remote you already use. Measuring just about two inches tall, this soundbar-like speaker fits in even the smallest of spaces. Plus, it comes with a wall bracket if you’d prefer to mount it somewhere. And you can even use it with more devices than just your television because the Bose TV Speaker offers Bluetooth connectivity.

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