Bose Frames Tempo audio sunglasses feature two Bose speakers

Bose Frames Tempo audio sunglasses feature two Bose speakers
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Bose Frames Tempo audio sunglasses

Listen to music aloud with the Bose Frames Tempo audio sunglasses. This eyewear comes with two specifically-designed Bose speakers to play loud and deep music. Designed in each temple, the speakers direct the sound to your ears. In fact, they can even overpower the rush of wind when cycling at speeds of 25 mph. Also, with Bose Open Ear Audio technology, the sound quality is like you’d never expect from sunglasses. With an IPX4 water-resistant rating, you can wear these sports sunglasses in the rain. Also, the polycarbonate polarized lenses are scratch- and shatter-resistant, making them durable. This, combined with a TR-90 nylon frame makes the Bose Frames Tempo rugged for running and playing sports. Plus, the acoustic mesh in the ports helps to keep out water and debris. Finally, you can also switch the lenses in seconds to match your lighting conditions and current terrain, making them highly versatile.

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