BlueBreath ventilating face mask is an AI-powered smart mask

BlueBreath ventilating face mask is an AI-powered smart mask
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BlueBreath Ventilating Face Mask

With five filter layers, the BlueBreath ventilating face mask boasts a 99.7% protection rate. Additionally, the miniature blower inside the mask circulates clean air. Using the two different modes, you can set the blower just right to make sure you’re breathing fresh air. BlueBreath is a transparent mask that allows others to see your smile. You can even use your smartphone’s face ID when wearing this mask. And you can choose from among six accent colors. Made from ABS safety materials, this transparent mask is safe for anyone to use. When fully charged, this ventilating face mask works for up to eight hours. Thanks to its in-depth engineering process, BlueBreath AI-powered smart mask has a system that identifies how much air you need. Finally, a cool feature is that you can add the eco scent filter with insertable scents to boost your mood, relax, reduce stress, and ease pain.

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