Blockchain Patents, COVID-19 Crypto Scams, Shelved Coin + More News

Blockchain Patents, COVID-19 Crypto Scams, Shelved Coin + More News
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Blockchain news

  • An overall of 35 global multinationals have actually looked for a combined 212 blockchain patents in China, consisting of the similarity Sony, Mastercard, Intel and Walmart, reports the Global Times. Mastercard has actually been accountable for practically a quarter of that number, lodging a massive 46 “payment methods, payment software and payment security”- associated applications because2017 Regardless of this flurry of activity, the very same media outlet reports that “virtually none” of these business have actually followed up with industrial blockchain-related endeavors.
  • South Korean crypto project ICON (ICX) has actually revealed a brand-new agreement algorithm that ought to enhance the efficiency of blockchains, called Loop Fault Tolerance 2.0 (LFT2), says journalism release. It discusses that LFT2 has actually shown efficiency enhancements over Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (PBFT) agreement popular among more recent cryptoassets, in the locations of scalability and network bandwidth.
  • Blockchain options company and the publisher of the EOS blockchain platform,, states that, as an EOS token holder, it thinks that staking systems will be a crucial element of the future tokenized economy, which it will start staking and voting its EOS token position this May. Per the statement, in the coming weeks, will utilize its ballot stake to start voting and highlighting for prospects, possibly in rotation.
  • A Japanese business school has actually coordinated with a blockchain technology company to present what the 2 celebrations state are the country’s first blockchain-powered graduation certificates. In a press release, Tokyo-based LasTrust specified that its cloud-based platform will be utilized to concern 55 graduates of the Business Development management college, likewise based in the Japanese capital, with blockchain-powered accreditation, available by means of mobile phones.
  • Busan University has actually ended up being the current South Korean college to provide blockchain education at a tertiary level. Per Yonhap News, the university has actually been picked by the Ministry of Science and ICT, which will co-support a blockchain training program, with a fund of USD 2.5 million to be provided over the next 4 years. The university states it hopes the brand-new department will see a minimum of 10 trainees annually gain “masters’ degree or above” certifications in blockchain and fintech-related topics.

Fraud news

  • The overall day-to-day worth sent out to cryptocurrency scams dropped 61% in between March 13 and March 31, though it has actually recuperated some ever since, according to blockchain analysis company Chainalysis They worried that while the COVID-19 pandemic hurt financial investment scams and Ponzi plans, it’s offering others who prefer e-mail spamming techniques brand-new coronavirus-related stories they can utilize to attempt and trick their victims.

    Source: Chainalysis

  • Binance has actually exposed info of a 2018-2019 scams case it discovered itself a part of. In late 2018, a Korean cryptocurrency project was a victim of a listing cost fraud and lost ETH 3,995 (currently USD 623,220) in funds. They reported this to Korean police, who found that a suspect accessed to the victims e-mails, discovered that they’re attempting to list a currency, then impersonated a Binance agent, and guaranteed to assist the project with the listing on Binance for a cost. Bulk of the taken funds were gotten by the Binance user “B.K.” Per a demand by Korean police in early 2019, Binance moved back the taken funds from B.K.’s account to the victim, writes the exchange in a blog site post.

Crypto adoption news

  • South Korean bank Woori has actually shelved its digital currency issuance strategies, per a report from Digital Today. The bank first revealed its WibyCoin token release strategy back in 2017, with the currency slated to get in the pilot phase this year– with staff members released the token as part of an internal screening stage. The very same media outlet reports that no such pilots have actually been released and that aspects such as the coronavirus pandemic have actually thwarted the bank’s once-ambitious commercialization strategies.
  • ‘ The Bitcoin Fund’ introduced by Canadian possession manager 3iQ, has actually been listed on the Toronto Stock Market According co-founder and CEO at crypto exchange Gemini, Tyler Winklevoss, history has actually been made, as this is the first public Bitcoin fund to be noted on a significant global stock market. He added that Gemini was picked as the custodian for this fund.

Mining news

  • The Greenidge Generation power plant in New york city’s Finger Lakes area, which likewise mines Bitcoin (BTC), has actually offered 106 Petahash of computing power to a concealed purchaser, as part of its first ‘Bitcoin hashpower contract’ targeted at U.S. institutional financiers, according to their news release.

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