Best iPhone Deals for March 2020 – Top savings on the iPhone 11, iPhone XR and more

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Best iPhone Deals

Best iPhone Deals: Get your hands on a variety of iPhone models, from the iPhone 11 to the iPhone 7, with options for both contract and SIM-free, all available now in March 2020.

When it comes to having the very latest iPhone, it can feel as big an investment as taking out a mortgage – or something like that – with the ever increasing prices of Apple’s world-class smartphones. Thankfully we’re here to ensure you always get the very best value for your money when it comes to picking up your next iPhone from the Californian tech giant.

Searching the web for the best contract deals, we’ll be listing a variety of tariffs to suit you, whether you want all the data you can get at or something smaller and more manageable. Of course, we’ll also list some of the best SIM-free offers for those that want to buy their handset outright.

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With a family of iPhones released every year, you can expect to find some fairly affordable deals as each model is succeeded and the value of older models go down. It’s worth noting with such a quick succession, this usually means the tech itself on previous models is still excellent and not all that outdated, making them worth a second look – especially if you don’t want to sell a kidney.

With deals on everything from the iPhone XR down to the iPhone 8, there’s something for everyone including those who want the very latest handset from Apple. Our top contract deal for the iPhone 11 is the 100GB plan with Three from Carphone Warehouse. With zero upfront costs, pay just £41 a month for a beefy tariff and the excellent iPhone 11 handset.

All prices were correct at time of publication but are subject to change.

Best iPhone 11 Deals

Ever since Black Friday 2019, iPhone 11 deals have been dropping like flies. At present however, our favourite also happens to be an offer exclusive to Trusted Reviews readers – a 100GB Three tariff with nothing to pay upfront and just £41 a month. As you can imagine, having 100GB of data in your pocket won’t leave you wanting by the end of the month. More than likely, you won’t even come anywhere near depleting even half of that allowance.

If you’re not an excessive streamer and data doesn’t hold quite the same value to you as it does to others, then you might be better off with EE’s 20GB tariff, which rings in at just £884 over two years (as opposed to £984 for the 100GB tariff mentioned above). Besides, 20GB is more than enough to get through hours of streaming songs and a bit of YouTube on the side.

Best iPhone 11 offers to date:

  • Contract: 100GB on Three (still available)
  • SIM-free: £656.10 on Currys PC World’s eBay store (was available 27/09/19)

Best iPhone XS Deals

It just goes to show – if you wait for a new update cycle, last year’s top-tier iPhones will be purchasable on the cheap. A similar deal to that which we saw on the iPhone XR, this 100GB tariff from Fonehouse sees you getting the true flagship from the 2018 Apple iPhone launch, paying just £36 a month and no upfront cost for the superior iPhone XS.

45GB of data is still a hefty amount to get you through a ton of streaming month to month. What’s more, in an EE plan, you’ll benefit from free access to the likes of Apple Music, BT Sport and more for a limited time. Pay just £36 a month for this iPhone XS contract deal.

Best iPhone XS offers to date:

iPhone XR

Best iPhone XR Deals

The iPhone XR remains to be a pretty popular handset from Apple’s 2018 cycle, with only a few differences between itself and the iPhone 11 allowing it to keep the stronghold, especially with the range of fantastic deals we’ve seen since its launch, including a ton of extra perks. As fan of freebies, O2’s 10GB contract is a solid choice for the exclusive perks afforded to the networks customers via the O2 Priority app.

If you’re looking for great value for money at a ridiculously affordable price point, though, this 100GB Three contract deal from Fonehouse is the one to pick, especially now the retailer has done away with the small £15 upfront cost. At a monthly rate of just £34, get a huge bout of data and you most certainly won’t be likely to run out month to month. On top of that, you’ll be able to enjoy other Three perks including free tethering and free roaming when using selected services like Apple Music, Netflix and Snapchat.

Best iPhone XR offers to date:

  • Contract: 100GB on Three (still available)
  • SIM-free: £549 on Argos (was available 29/11/2019)

Best iPhone X Deals

Due to Apple largely dropping any recognition of the once supreme iPhone X, very few retailers still stock the device, but luckily Fonehouse still has a few in stock. Even handier is the fact that the retailer’s offering a high amount of data in return for just £48 a month and no upfront cost. It’s not the best iPhone X deal that’s ever been however, and we’d definitely recommend opting for a far more cost-effective iPhone XS contract instead.

If you’d rather buy outright and avoid a monthly direct debit, you can always go for a SIM-free handset if you’ve got the cash to burn. Currently the best SIM-free price is £899 from Argos for a silver iPhone X with 64GB of storage. £100 off its original starting price upon release, this isn’t a bad saving though, again, we’ve definitely seen cheaper. That said, if you want a somewhat fashionable looking iPhone, this first of Apple’s bezel-less handsets is definitely the most affordable option out there right now.

Best iPhone X offers to date:

  • Contract: 125GB on EE (still available)
  • SIM-free: £639 on Amazon (was available 09/12/2019)

iPhone 8 front

Best iPhone 8 Deals

When it comes to finding cheaper contracts, looking at older models is a sure-fire way of getting even more for your money and that’s definitely the case with both these iPhone 8 contract deals. Looking for something sub the £30 mark? Get a juicy 100GB of data on Three and benefit from having an almost unlimited streaming allowance on the go – just what you need if nothing, not even walking down the street, will stop you from binging the latest Netflix series.

The iPhone 8 is a great handset to consider if you’re buying for a younger member of the family with this 16GB tariff from EE being the perfect companion. Enough data to ensure they can make those sacred social media updates and a ton of texts and minutes to keep in touch with you, pay just £28 a month with no upfront cost. They’ll even love the fact EE offers six months of Apple Music free, alongside access to BT Sport and MTV Play.

Best iPhone 8 offers to date:

Best iPhone 7 Deals

A fan of streaming, surfing or gaming but not overly fussed on having the very latest handset? That, or you’re a concerned parent who wants your child to always have enough allowance to get in contact? This iPhone 7 comes loaded with one of Three’s uber affordable 100GB plans, paying just £26 a month for an outrageous amount of data, as well as unlimited minutes and calls. Really, your teenager has got no excuse not to call.

A touch on the cheaper side to match the slightly older handset, you can also pick up this great value 8GB plan with all the perks of O2, including O2 Priority for discounts and early presale access to gigs at O2 venues. Setting you back £23 a month, this is another one for concerned parents looking for a good bargain, with no upfront costs to speak of, of course.

Best iPhone 7 offers to date:

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