Apple Watch 6: Here's what you need to know about its specs, price and features

Apple Watch 6: Here's what you need to know about its specs, price and features
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Apple has finally unveiled its hotly rumoured Apple Watch Series 6 premium wearable.

The Apple Watch 6 was unveiled at the company’s 15 September digital event alongside the cheaper Apple Watch SE and iPad 8 and is being marketed as the firm’s most advanced wearable to date.

Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Apple Watch 6 features: What’s new?

The Apple Watch 6 has a near identical design to the Apple Watch 5, featuring a square, pebble shaped always on display and digital crown display, but under the hood it features a number of new features.

The biggest is the addition of a new SpO2 “health sensor”. Full details haven’t been disclosed but the sensor appears to work the same way as the ones sported on Garmin’s Fenix and Forerunner devices. It lets users check how much oxygen is in their blood. It works using a new sensor on the Watch 6’s bottom that shoots red light at the user’s wrist to estimate how much oxygen is in its wearer’s bloodstream.

The feature aims to help athletes gauge improvements in fitness and identify early respiratory issues. The company has paired with a number of medical groups and universities in a bid to use the new feature to improve early detection and research on key diseases, including Covid.

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The sensor is one of many hardware changes. The Apple Watch 6 also features an upgraded always on display that it claims has a 2x higher maximum brightness than the series 5 and a new A6 Apple Silicon dual-core chip that’s “20% faster” than the A5.

Outside of this the only hardware changes are new band and colour options.

This includes a new “solo band” family or straps. The solo design doesn’t have a clasp or buckle, instead it’s a rubberised silicon band you stretch over your wrist. The band comes in 7 colours. It comes in smooth sports and braided finishes. The leather link band and Apple Watch Nike sports bands make a reappearance.

The Watch will also be the first to feature a new “family setup” service. This will let parents use their iPhone to set up their kids, or older relatives, Apple Watches. The feature will offer advanced parental controls over the watch, and location alerts so the main owner can always see where family members are. It requires the Apple Watch to have an LTE connection to work, however. Colour options include, gold, aluminum, titanium and a new red variante.

The Watch will launch with Apple’s latest WatchOS 7 software which brings a wealth of new Watch faces and services, including support for a new guided workout system. The service was unveiled at the same event and can be accessed via the Apple Fitness+ app. It features guided workouts and coaching that can be streamed across Apple devices. It has a subscription model, like Fitbit Premium. It costs $9.99 a month. Apple Watch 6 purchases come with six months free.

Outside of this the Watch 6 will feature the same fitness and health tracking services as the Watch 5. This includes fall detection and ECG reading.

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Apple Watch 6 price

Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS) pricing starts at £379. The LTE model pricing starts at a more premium £479.

This makes it the most expensive wearable in Apple’s current lineup with the Watch SE set to retail for $279 and the older Series 3 $199.

When’s the Apple Watch 6 out?

Apple hasn’t given the Apple Watch 6 a release date. We’ll update this article when it does.

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