Apple Watch 6: All the latest news and rumours

Apple Watch 6: All the latest news and rumours
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Apple is expected to release another entry in its best-selling smartwatch series – so what new features can we expect to find in the Apple Watch 6? Here’s all we know so far.

The Apple Watch series has been very popular and also very highly rated by Trusted Reviews – we named the Apple Watch 5 as our top-choice smartwatch, and awarded it 4.5 stars out of 5. So, how can Apple make sure that it’s next offering stays top of the tree? In the following article we’ve rounded up all the news and speculation about the new device.

Release date – When will the Apple Watch 6 be released?

We can estimate with a fairly high degree of confidence that the Apple Watch 6 will be released in September 2020, most likely alongside the iPhone 12. That’s because of its long-established launch pattern over the past few years, as shown below:

Price – How much will the Apple Watch 6 cost?

The starting price for the Apple Watch 5 was £399, and it seems likely that the Apple Watch 6 will have a similar price tag. Of course this price varies significantly depending on which strap you choose to complement your timepiece, which designer options from brands such as Hermès selling for as much as £1,399.

The price of the Apple Watch certainly places it in the top tier of the smartwatch hierarchy, but fortunately the Apple Watch 3 is still being sold, and currently starts from £199, making it a more affordable proposition for customers seeking a wearable that falls within Apple’s ecosystem.

New features

9to5 Mac have uncovered several new heart health features making their way to the Apple Watch 6, thanks to analysis of a snippet of code in iOS 14. The first of these is a tracker for blood oxygen saturation, which will include a notification for when this is potentially dangerously low. The second is an upgrade to the existing ECG feature, which will allow for more accurate readings at hearts rates between 100 and 120bpm.

In a further update, 9to5 Mac also revealed more lifestyle features set to appear on the Apple Watch 6. Firstly there will some changes made to watch faces, including the ability to share your customised watch face with friends, a new tachymeter feature, and also the option to access photos from shared albums for your customised watch faces.

Further to this, parents will get a bit more control of their children’s smartwatches via the ability to set up an Apple Watch through the parents’ phone and a new management tool called Schooltime that restricts the usage of certain apps within a timeframe (i.e. the school day).

On top of these changes is one that we’ve been wanting for ages, so we’re very relieved to see that sleep tracking should finally make its debut on the Apple Watch, years after even some of the cheapest alternative wearables on the market have adopted the feature.

A new physical feature that might make its way to the next Apple Watch was discovered in an official filing by Patently Apple; namely, there could be a fingerprint sensor underneath the display for biometric identification.

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