Apple New iPad Air lightweight tablet has a gorgeous, neuroborder design

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Thanks to its neuroborder design, the gorgeous Apple New iPad Air lightweight tablet has an all-screen display. Meticulously crafted, it has a sculpted camera detail and a very thin and light enclosure. Coming in five gorgeous colors, it’s available in options such as green, rose gold, and sky blue. Additionally, the Apple New iPad Air boasts a 10.9″ liquid retina display that produces 3.8 million pixels. Offering Wi-Fi 6 wireless connectivity, this tablet also has a USB-C port for added versatility. Moreover, the intuitive design includes a Touch-ID top button for convenient and secure authentication. And the A14 bionic chip offers five-nanometer process technology with 11.8 billion transistors. Crafted with a seven-megapixel front FaceTime camera and a 12-megapixel back camera, this iPad Air delivers a larger aperture. Finally, it works with Apple Pencil for convenient use for any task.

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