Apple is more prepared to make the Surface Duo than Microsoft

Apple is more prepared to make the Surface Duo than Microsoft
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This week fresh rumours emerged suggesting Apple is working on a new foldable, that sounds eerily familiar to Microsoft’s upcoming Surface Duo – a move which in turn led to fresh rumblings claiming the iPhone maker is plum out of ideas. But for us here at Trusted Reviews, that’s hogwash. Here’s why. 

For those that missed it, the latest Apple rumour comes from tipster Jon Prosser, who tweeted that Apple’s ‘foldable’ will be composed of two separate display panels on a hinge – just like the Duo. According to Prosser, the iPhone will have round, stainless steel edges and no notch, but a small forehead on the outer display for Face ID.

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This isn’t the first we’ve heard of Apple’s Surface Duo competitor. Apple actually filed a patent for the dual-screen technology almost three years ago in June 2017, though the patent was only approved this March.

And while there’s no getting around Microsoft got its product into the public eye first, I still think Apple has a better chance of success than the Duo.

While Microsoft may be ahead of the game in terms of development – it showed off a polished-looking device eight months ago – Apple has a history of mimicking Microsoft’s concepts with greater success. Just look at the iPad.

Microsoft has presented a concept that feels novel for the Surface line, but plays directly into Apple’s strengths. When it comes to buying a tablet, one of the biggest differences between the iPad and the Surface is how they function. The Surface offers better laptop-functionality, while the iPad is primarily a tablet with a lightweight OS comparable to a mobile system. By merging the Surface tablet with a smartphone, Microsoft sacrifices its biggest strength right off the bat.

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The Surface Duo will take advantage of the Android operating system as well as Android’s apps and developers. While I’m glad we’re not in for a resurgence of the Windows Phone, this again means that Microsoft is dealing with something less familiar. Apple on the other hand, only transitioned the iPad from iOS to its own operating system last year, making merging the iPhone and iPad seem like a piece of cake for the company.

All-in-all, Apple’s rumoured entrance into the dual-screen foldable contest means Microsoft could truly have its work cut out for it, head start or no.

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