Android 10 for Moto Razr adds feature all foldable phones should have

Android 10 for Moto Razr adds feature all foldable phones should have
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Android 10 is coming to the Motorola Razr phone, bringing a host of new features to the outward-facing display – including a full QWERTY keyboard on the touchscreen.

MrMobile has an exclusive look at the forthcoming operating system update, which will enable users of the phone to type full replies to messages without even cracking open the hinge.

He explains a “miniature version of Android 10” on the outer display, which is controlled with gestures. A left-to-right swipe opens the selfie camera. A swipe in the other direction opens a shortcuts panel where users will be able to store their favourite contacts and directly make calls without opening the phone.

The notifications, maps directions and media are now arranged in cards on the mini 2.7-inch homescreen, instead of the Moto Display that was offered within the current Android 9 version. Users will be able to interact with these cards directly. So, for messages, tapping reply will bring up the keyboard where responses can be typed or swiped before sending.

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All of this means users will have to open the display hinge fewer times, potentially extending the life of the device. Many of the first-generation foldable displays have proved fragile so the less often you have to open it the better.

You can see those changes in the video exclusive video preview of Android 10 on the Motorola Razr below (via Android Central):

The update also includes all of the other features we enjoy about Android 10, including improved gesture navigation and a system-wide dark mode to protect those retinas.

Motorola has previously promised the update will reach users by mid-May, which means it should be arriving this week. The foldable has been subject to below average reviews since its arrival early this year, but Moto appears to be committed to improving the device and the experience of its foldable.

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