“An Improv for Cameras”: How Robert Elswit Shot ‘The King of Staten Island’

“An Improv for Cameras”: How Robert Elswit Shot ‘The King of Staten Island’
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Cinematographer Robert Elswit has a ridiculously diverse body of work. He shot two Mission: Impossibles, multiple Paul Thomas Anderson films, and everything from critically acclaimed darlings like Nightcrawler to beloved cult trash like Trick or Treat. He’s a flexible professional, and that’s likely what drew Judd Apatow to Elswit when it came to tapping a DP for The King of Staten Island

Whether he’s shooting Inherent Vice or Gigli, Elswit has an aptitude for grounding his camera with realistic locations and lighting, an approach that compliments The King of Staten Island‘s desire for naturalism as well as Apatow’s improvisation-focused directorial style. Below is an interview with Elswit courtesy of video essayist Thomas Flight on the influence of the Safdie brothers’ Good Time, the challenge of shooting in real Staten Island homes, and how he leveraged wide angles to convey character.

You can watch “How Robert Elswit Shot The King of Staten Island – Interview” here:

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This video essay was created by Virginia-based filmmaker and video editor Thomas Flight, who runs a YouTube channel under the same name. You can follow Flight and check out his back catalog of video essays on YouTube here. You can follow him on Twitter here.

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