Amazon Echo Dot 4th-Gen smart speakers are smaller and more circular

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The most prominent difference between the latest Amazon Echo Dot 4th-Generation smart speakers and earlier models is its small shape and large orbs. These smart speakers feature an LED display that you tap to snooze or create a fuller sound when needed. There are two models available: with and without a clock, with a $10 difference. Both devices sport Amazon’s standard fabric covering. Most impressively, its sphere-shaped design provides a presentable display for your bedside table. Also, with this modern design, you won’t want to hide the Amazon Echo Dot during use, especially with the presentable LED ring at the base for a warm glow. Furthermore, this LED light is helpful for seeing if Alexa is connected or not. Finally, both smart speakers come with four microphones. This is great for allowing Alexa to pick up your word. Alternatively, you can mute them for privacy. Overall, these do-it-all devices are presentable, functional, and practical.

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