A cheaper Samsung Galaxy Fold Lite is on the way according to this new leak

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Samsung Galaxy Fold
Samsung Galaxy Fold

The Galaxy Fold Lite could soon be on the way from Samsung, according to the latest rumours.

Twitter leaker Max Weinbach claims the Galaxy Fold Lite 4G will cost $1099 – which would make it one of the more affordable foldables on the markets. If the leak is to be believed, the phone will not support 5G.

Weinbach added that the phone will be “equipped with a mix of 2018/2019 parts”. Seemingly, this is how Samsung will keep the price down and undercut other foldable offerings.

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Weinback also adds: “I’m unsure about that processor but I did find it in the kernel sources of the S20 Ultra. It means they are at least building software for the 865.”

Bear in mind though, this is far from confirmed, as the leaker himself admits. “I would also like to say, this is more rumor than leak,” he said. “I believe it’s real but I’d still say rumor.”

So, while the rumour may herald a further reduction in the sky-high prices of foldable phones, it may also turn out to be untrue. Take this one with a pinch of salt.

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The original Samsung Galaxy Fold left us with mixed feelings, only getting three stars in our review. Yes, there is impressive new tech on show, but there are plenty of flaws too.

Our reviewer said: “As much as the Galaxy Fold is a look at what the next wave of smartphones might be, at this stage it’s hard to recommend that anyone, aside from those who simply must have the first-gen of everything, actually spend nearly £2000 on it. It’s impressive in a number of areas: great battery life, nice and productive software that actually makes some use of the bigger display and there are certain situations where having a tablet in smaller form-factor work.”

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