7 delicious, healthy pizza recipes to make your weekend plans feel a bit more special

7 delicious, healthy pizza recipes to make your weekend plans feel a bit more special
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Suggest the idea of a pizza night for dinner and you’ll be crowned queen of your casa. It’s the universal crowd pleaser. But in the time of shelter-in-place, it can be a bit harder to get your go-to takeout pizza order.

That doesn’t mean you’re destined to a life devoid of pizza; it’s thankfully easier than it sounds to DIY your own pie. And with some clever customizations, you can ensure that your slice is gluten-free, plant-based, or otherwise in-line with your nutritional ethos.

Rounded up here are seven healthy pizza recipes, which all include a good fiber and protein balance in every slice—without compromising on taste. Consider pizza night back on track.

Keep reading for 7 delicious, healthy pizza recipes you’ll want to make all the time

healthy pizza recipe
Photo: A Couple Cooks


Because the crust is thin, the bold flavors in the sauce are especially prominent; those Italian seasonings really come through. Red and yellow bell peppers, onion, and arugula is where you’ll get your fiber, and they complement the tomato sauce perfectly. The crust is vegan; to make the entire dish plant-based, just use your favorite non-dairy cheese instead of Parmesan.

chicken alfredo pizza
Photo: Pinch of Yum


Normally, Alfredo sauce isn’t exactly a nutritional powerhouse, but here the classic sauce is made with cauliflower blended with vegetable broth, milk, (or alt-milk), and a few key spices. It also gets a decent amount of fiber onto your pie while still serving as a creamy base for the chicken and cheese.

kale pesto pizza
Photo: Cookie+Kate


Not only is the kale used as a topping on this pizza, it’s also used to make the pesto sauce (along with nuts, lemon juice, garlic, olive oil, salt, and pepper). It’s fiber-on-fiber by the slice!

mediterranean pizza
Photo: Simple Veganista


The unsuspecting fiber-rich pizza topper on this vegan pie: chickpeas. Combined with artichokes, olives, tomato, and red onion your dinner will be a little slice of Mediterranean heaven—pun intended!

broccoli crust pizza
Photo: Well Plated By Erin


If you’re a little cauli-crust-ed out, switch things up by using broccoli instead. It’s a way to switch out a flour crust with a veggie-based, gluten-free option with a slightly different flavor profile.

healthy breakfast pizza recipe
Photo: Hungry Hobby


Top one of the pre-made cauliflower crusts you have in your freezer with sunny side-up eggs and greens, and you have yourself a breakfast pizza that’s full of both fiber and protein. Is it ever a bad day when it starts with pizza for breakfast?

healthy pizza recipes with fruit
Photo: Feel Good Foodie


Of course veggies aren’t the only way to get your fiber; fruit is full of the nutrient, too. The “sauce” on this pizza is Greek yogurt mixed with cream cheese. Top with your favorite fruits and have fun with the design. Playing with your food is always encouraged.

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