5 Surprising Ways to Burn An Extra 200 Calories This Holiday (No Sweat Involved)

5 Surprising Ways to Burn An Extra 200 Calories This Holiday (No Sweat Involved)
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Scrumptious family dinners, mouth-watering desserts and late night drinks (lots of them). Holidays, no matter which time of the year, is probably one of the biggest roadblocks to your weight loss.

No sweat, babe (literally). Here are 5 surprising ways you could burn an extra 200 calories a day to balance out those hearty indulgence!

1.  Shop ‘till you drop in your favorite mall

Hitting the gym this holiday season probably doesn’t sound the most ideal to you. But we’re pretty sure the thought of perusing the rails in your favorite stores will fire you up! With all the year end sales, you probably don’t need too many excuses to go shopping, but here’s one anyway: walking around the shops could help you burn extra calories! If you can burn 200 calories in 45 minutes walking briskly, a couple of hours or more in the shops is going to burn at least that amount!

Feeling the after-meal hunger pangs while you’re in the midst of your spree? Keep a pack of our Fat Burning Gummies in your handbag to kick that sweet craving , keep up your energy levels and maximise that fat burn! Now, who said you’ll shop till you drop?!

2. Soak in a hot bath

Did you know you could burn at least 130 extra calories just by taking a hot bath for an hour? This is about the same as taking a 30 minute walk, but with far less effort! Studies have shown that blood sugar levels drop by around 10% during a hot bath, which is even more than they would after a bike ride. The science is simple: the hotter your body is, the more calories it burns.

Soaking in a hot bath also creates an anti-inflammatory response similar to the kind created by exercise, so it’s officially good for your health! What an excellent excuse for some “me time”!

Soaking in a hot bath before bed? Sip on a cup of Night Cleanse to end of the night on a perfect note! Detox and restore your body, to wake up feeling fresh and recharged!

3. Get enough sleep

You’ve probably already heard how important sleep is for the body. But here’s what you probably don’t know: You are still burning calories when you’re sleeping! In fact, the deeper you are in your sleep, the more calories burned! An average person could burn around 63 calories in one hour of sleep. That means that eight hours of quality sleep could burn off 504 calories!

As much as parties are fun this holiday, do remember to get in 8 hours of quality sleep to keep your body in tip top shape!

4. Laugh the pounds off

Ever laughed so hard to a joke you could actually feel your abdominal muscles working? That’s an ab workout right there! Laughing not only boosts your emotional state but could also help you burn some belly fat! Don’t just take our word for it: a study actually found that laughing could increase your metabolic rate by between 10 to 20%! (Psst…rev that up further with a scoop of Green Cleansing Elixir!)

Other studies have shown that laughing not only burns off the calories; it also boosts your immune system, arterial function, and memory too.

Now, what’s to stop you from digging out your comedy DVDs, going to see a funny flick at the movies or practicing your best jokes on your friends?

5. Sing and dance to the tunes you love

Did your favourite celebrity just release a hot single? Grab your BFFs for a stay over this weekend! It’s time to get that comfy attire on, crank up the volume and dance like nobody’s watching! (and burn at least 100 cals while you’re at it just for an hour!) You guys will be so into the tunes you wouldn’t even realise you’re actually getting the equivalent of a great work out  .

Craving for something sweet while you guys are at it? Our rich, creamy and delicious Fat Burning Hot Chocolate will get you in the mood to belt out those tunes, and keep those sweet cravings at bay!

Holiday weight gain may sound like it’s inevitable — but it certainly isn’t.

Dancing, singing, shopping and relaxing…go forth and let loose this holiday season while burning extra calories! For all you know you could be burning even more than you are during a sweaty gym session!

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