5 bizarre finishes that every MMA fan needs to see

5 bizarre finishes that every MMA fan needs to see
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From uncommon to downright unusual, there have actually been numerous bizarre finishes in MMA battles over the years. Here’s a list of 5 that every fan needs to see.

There are a variety of methods to finish an MMA battle. From slick submissions to incredible knockouts, the possibilities are limitless. Chances are, if you can dream it, it’s been carried out in a real battle. With numerous battles, covering throughout more than 25 years of action, chances are you may have missed out on a couple of. We’re here to dive deep down into the vault and bring you 5 bizarre finishes that every MMA fan needs to see.

1. Gerard Gordeau TKO’s Teila Tuli

We go all the method back to UFC 1 for this battle. Gerard Gordeau vs. Teila Tuli was the first- ever battle in UFC history. No one actually understood the guidelines, no one actually understood what to anticipate, and at the end of this battle, no one actually understood what had actually taken place. After a short feeling-out duration, Tuli charges at Gordeau, who averts theattack Tuli falls to the ground, however as he’s getting up Gordeau nails him with an ideal kick to the head, sending out Tuli’s tooth flying into the first couple of rows of seats. Gordeau then lands a right-hand man simply for excellent procedure, right prior to the referee actions in. The referee does not step in to call the battle off, he steps in to call a timeout. Confusion and mayhem occur, as no one actually understands what to do. Ultimately, after a couple of tense minutes and some conversation, the battle is cancelled and Gordeau is considered the winner, by means of TKO. It was a bizarre scene and finish, offering us a preview of things that would come throughout the next couple of years inside the Octagon.

2. Gray Maynard knocks himself out versus Rob Emerson

This battle is formally noted as a no-contest, due to a double TKO. A finish you definitely do not see every day inMMA Gray Maynard and Rob Emerson squared off at The Ultimate Fighter 5 Ending, in June of2007 When the second round started, Maynard was mostly in control. At 0: 39 of the round, Maynard selected Emerson up and knocked him onto the mat. Emerson sobbed out in discomfort and instantly tapped out. A success for Maynard? Not precisely. In the procedure of the slam, Maynard really surged his own head down on the mat, knocking himself out while doing so. An intriguing next couple of minutes went and came, with both fighters being participated into There was some confusion as to how the battle would be ruled, however referee Steve Mazzagatti eventually called it a no-contest.

3. Kevin Ferguson takes off the ear of James Thompson

Kevin Ferguson, much better called Kimbo Slice, had himself a bizarrely amusing bout with James Thompson, back in 2008, at EliteXC Primetime. After 2 rounds of backward and forward action, they started the 3rdround The cauliflower ear of Thompson was terribly inflamed and battered by Ferguson throughout the battle. After a variety of right-hand men from Ferguson, Thompson’s ear apparently exploded. If Thompson’s ear was hanging on by a thread, blood spouted all over and fans started to question. Dan Miragliotta actioned in and stopped the battle, much to the discouragement of Thompson, who pressed him away. It was an odd and distinct finish that’s still discussed in MMA circles today.

4. Nate Marquardt slips out and TKO’s Rousimar Palhares

The king of bizarre, when it comes to MMA, it was just a matter of time prior to Rousimar Palhares made his method onto thislist He headlined a UFC Battle Night even back in 2010, reverse of Nate Marquardt. After Marquardt left a leg-lock effort, Palhares stopped, mid-fight, to appearance and grumble to the referee. Palhares appeared to believe Marquardt’s leg was greased up, however could not wait up until in between rounds to let the referee understand. Sidetracked, with his attention directly on the referee, Marquardt took full benefit of Palhares’ mistake. Marquardt got on Palhares and ruled down almost 20 unanswered strikes. The referee actioned in and cancelled the battle, granting Marquardt the winner, by means of TKO. This bizarre finish taught fighters to keep their eyes on the opponent at all times if absolutely nothing else.

5 Heath Herring knocks Yoshihiro Nakao out prior to the bell rings

This battle was over prior to it ever started, actually. Heath Herring and Yoshihiro Nakao were set to square off at a K-1 event in 2005, nevertheless, the battle never ever really got underway. Throughout the referee’s pre-fight directions Herring and Nakao came nose to nose. Nakao connected and kissed Herring on the lips. Herring didn’t take too kindly to this, as he struck Nakao with a right-hand man, sending him falling unconscious to the mat. As Herring was advised back to his corner, medics and personnel participated in to Nakao, who was uninformed and noticeably disoriented of his environments. The battle was eventually ruled a no-contest and is frequently referred to as the “kiss of death” nowadays.

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